Stewardship--by Veronica Forrest

 I would like to introduce myself as the Stewardship Convener for Kelty Church and why I volunteered for the post. Back in 2011 the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland commissioned all congregations to address stewardship in their churches. In Kelty we held of a  bit and the matter was addressed very lightly last year due to the church vacancy and the fact we didn't have a convenor. At every Session meeting we were encouraged to find a Stewardship convener, eventually after listening to the small voice telling me to go for it I spoke to Rev Laidlaw and volunteered. That was the easy bit.

 As the vacancy goes on, however, the matter of stewardship is even more important as we heard  the treasurer explaining at the Congregational AGM.  Stewardship is not all about money, it is also about using our time and talents for the good of the Church and in the first instance we will be looking beyond the pennies and looking at the people. In doing this, to use an analogy, the tiny drips in the bucket might quickly become a greater flow. So now, I and a small team of helpers will begin this challenge.

An update to follow, please be patient.