Congratulations if you are thinking of getting married in Kelty Church.

You are more than welcome to come and begin making arrangements with us - we will be delighted to assist you in planning your wedding day. Please simply make an appointment to come and meet the minister and see around the church by 'phoning the church office (01383 831219) or by emailing

The fees are 270 which include use of our flexible church premises, and the payment of an organist and church officer on the day. There is no fee for the minister as Kelty Church members pay all his expenses through the offering plate each Sunday morning. Please book the church before your reception venue if at all possible as there are quite often several weddings in any one year.


We have some ladies in the church who would be happy to provide your flowers on the day of your wedding at the cost of only 85.

Please contact the office for further information.

Additionally, our church office can provide a good range of very professional looking stationery for your orders of service  etc. For prices and ideas simply get in touch with the office.